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Literature and Publications Division

Using the head office as the centre of this division undertakes literary and publication works for the promotion activities in the field of culture and the art. Printing and publication for all the books handled by the department of cultural affairs is the major function of this division. In addition to these, organization of divisional/ district/ provincial competitions, giving aids to the writer and holding literary festivals are done under the functions of this division.

Following services are implemented by this division.

Printing of the Sinhala Dictionaries, Sinhala Encyclopedia and other books of Cultural value

This project is continued  with the objective of inculcating awareness in local and foreign public on cultural and historical importance, natural beauty and climatic importance of Sri Lanka.


The objective of this work is to furnish historical information of Sri Lanka from 1956-2010  to date in Verse form.

Chapter 5 of Mahavansa was completely printed by the end of 2010. writing of the  chapter 6 of Mahavansa has been begun since the month of May 2011.

Mahavansa Geetaya III, IV, V

The objective of this work is to furnish historical information of Sri Lanka from 6th century B.C to the end in Verse form.

Computerization of Mahavansa Geethaya III, IV and V has been completing.

Divisional/ District/ Provincial and National Literary competitions and festivals

This programme is carried out with the objectives of creating literary awarding among the public; bringing into light the creative skills of local literarits and pay tribute to them; promoting literary interest among the children and young generation and persuading them to engage in creative literary work; increasing the desire of the public to read books by encouraging them to use and study books and using literary art for building a righteous society.

Organizational work of these programmes are done by Cultural Officers / Cultural Development Assistants attached to the Divisional Secretariat office of the area. Application forms for entering the competition can be obtained from the Divisional Secretariat office. Winners at the divisional level will have to complete at the district level and winners at the district level will have to a complete at the provincial level and provincial winners will get the chance to enter the national level competition. In all these occasions their performance will be evaluated and the certificates and prizes (books) will be awarded. A financial prize will also be given away at the national.

National Literary Competitions

Manuscript Competition

With the objective of encouraging amateur writers parallel to the state literary festival, high standard novel, short stories Collection of Poetry, Children’s novels, Short stories, Scientific writings, children’s dramas, collection of play writing and tabloids with illustrations are selected and published by the government. This competition is held under two categories, Open manuscripts Competition and Students’ manuscripts Competition.

Students’ Manuscripts Competition

The objective of this programme is the development of creative skills of the Sri Lankan students generation, preparing necessary background for producing students generation enriched with literary and evaluation of their creative artistic ability at state organizations level. Public will be informed of this competition through press notices.

Open Manuscripts Competition

This competition will be conducted in all the three medium, Sinhala, Tamil and English. The objective of this programme is to evaluate creative literary works of high standard under state organization and to encourage amateur writers engaged in these fields. Public will be informed of this competition through press notices.

Writers Aid Scheme

The objective of this project is to purchase printed books of amateur writers and to distribute them free to the libraries.

Application form issued by the department should be completed and handed over to the department with a copy of the book concerned. Then the book will be resaved to a board of review and on the decision of the Board of Review copies of the books will be purchased at 20% discount. Even the number of copies to be purchased will be decided by the Board of Review.

Application and details - PDF

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