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Conservation of painting in National Art Gallery


Conservation of excellent ancient painting of our artists for implementing the mission of the Department of Cultural Affairs preserving Sri Lankan cultural identity is the main objective Paintings exhibited in the permanent exhibition hall of the Art Gallery and the other paintings which have no enough storing space for the exhibition are liable to be destroyed with the passage of time.

Some artists who created these paintings are dead, some have gone in abroad. Some are very old. These persons have offered their inestimable creative work to the nation. The Department of Cultural Affairs has given priority to preserve this invaluable heritage for use of the future generation


Sri Lanka is a country with a proud history. Paintings can be used as a vital medium to illustrate this pride to the world. Paintings can be identified as an effective medium of art which illustrate every component of a nation including its history , fine arts and culture. National Art Gallery of a country occupies a significant place among the things which illustrate its identity.

Various crucial events that can be seen across our history have illustrated in paintings. Hence conservation of such paintings has become a timely need.

Creative paintings of about 40 persons identified as eminent artists in Sri Lanka at present are kept in the National Art Gallery. Approximately 200 creations of these are in a condition which needs to be conserved . Conservation of each painting costs a large sum of money. However initial action has been taken for the conservation of these paintings.

Conservation of details of the National Art Gallery
Conservation of details of the National Art Gallery Conservation of details of the National Art Gallery
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