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State Drama advisory board

The  Drama Panel  has been established as a consultant council, provided by the Arts Council of Sri Lanka parliament  Act No. 18 of 1952,  At the inception this panel was named as Sinhala Drama Panel.

National Drama Panel functions under a statutory Act for the upliftment of local Dramas annually. Major annual projects organized by this Panel  they are

At the beginning of such year applications are called for by a press advertisement. Above Drama Festivals are organized according to the recerved applications. Each festival is held in three rounds-first, second and third. Selections are made by a board of the eminent judges and the selected artists are appreciated by awarding.

In addition to these festivals which organized annually , for the purpose of regain in the field of Dramas, workshops are held at the selected areas with the participation of eminent personnel in the field to give practical knowledge to interested apprentices.

Action is taken to send annually selected dramatists to participate in foreign Drama Festivals through the sponsorship of the Cultural Department.

Any applicant who wishes to participate in the drama festival should obtain the application form with a copy of rules and regulations from the Drama Panel and should present it in accordance with the rules and regulations.

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