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Vision, Mission, Objectives


Upliftment of Sri Lankan culture in order to achieve the unique ambition of upgrading Sri Lankans to the position of spritually developed and sensitive people.


Formulation and implementation of programmes with Sri Lankan idenity for conservation, promotion and propagation of Literary, Arts and Cultural Affairs.


  • Formulation and implementation of plans  efficiently and effectively for the upliftment of cultural affairs in Sri Lanka.
  • Implementation of projects on literature and Arts for conservation, promotion and propagation   in Sri Lanka.
  • Provision of necessary aid  and assistance to Sri Lankan writers and artists for their creative work recognizing them as promoters of culture.
  • Compilation of Encyclopedia, Dictionaries and Mahavansa recognizing Sri Lankan languages, literature and history as the basis of its culture, publication and purchase of books and conducting  manuscript competitions for encouraging writers, formulation and implementation of programmes for reprinting of rare books.
  • Formulation and implementation of programmes for conservation, promotion and propagation of arts and crafts of Sri Lankans in a reasonable manner for all sub-cultures in Sri Lanka considering as a multi culture country.
  • Formulation and implementation of programmes to build up society with the full of  moral values by regaining tangible and intangible cultural components in a manner they flow into every section of the society.


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